SportsDesmond Howard chastised for the way he said 'Big Penix Energy' (video)

Desmond Howard chastised for the way he said ‘Big Penix Energy’ (video)

ESPN analyst Desmond Howard (Image source: Instagram – @desmondhoward)
Former Super Bowl-winning player-turned-sports commentator Desmond Howard is on the receiving end of pointed criticism for the way he pronounced — and then repeated — the phrase “Big Penix Energy” on ESPN.
Howard, a former receiver for the Green Bay Packers, is a part of the pre-game show “College Game Day.” In advance of the showdown between the Washington Huskies and Oregon Ducks in Seattle, Howard sang the praises of Michael Penix Jr, the Huskies’ superstar quarterback. Penix is considered a bona fide Heisman Trophy candidate which annually recognizes the nation’s best player.Some fans believe Howard took it too far in singing “Big Penix Energy,” which is a take from rapper Latto’s sexually provocative song, “Big D— Energy.”
Secondly, and perhaps worse, Howard mispronounced Penix’s name to make it sound like the male sexual organ, which some fans took umbrage at. Penix’s name should sound similar to the name “Dennis.”

#DesmondHoward should be fired… #espn
— #LSU (@PROstrength) October 14, 2023

During the rehearsed segment, flanked by the team’s Harry the Husky, Howard unleashed the cringe-worthy chant that had to have the ESPN suits recoiling in their offices.
“He’s dealt with a lot of adversity to get here,” Howard said in reference to Penix’s arduous and admirable journey to stardom. “He’s grateful to be Washington’s quarterback. And they know that every time he takes the field, he’s gonna bring that Big Penix Energy! He’s gonna bring that Big Penix Energy! He’s gonna bring that Big Penix Energy! That’s right, Harry!”

Pronouncing it pee-nix was quite a choice there
— Geoff Johnston (@geoffjBYU) October 14, 2023

Some fans were not amused by the correlation between Penix and Latto’s sizzling single, though he was defended by “College GameDay” co-host Pat McAfee who obviously understood the NSFW innuendo:

I’ve been pronouncing his name wrong 😂😂#CollegeGameDay
— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) October 14, 2023

Saw Desmond Howard trending and thought that he got his pink slip as well like Jalen Rose#DesmondHoward $ASS #ESPNLayoffs
— P. Against The World🤘🏿🕊 (@chillin662) June 30, 2023

Thanks @ESPN for DESTROYING my special #GameDay time with my young son and daughter. #DesmondHoward needs to be FIRED… Since when is a Big Penis Energy song and dance routine an acceptable thing on a Saturday morning? My kids asked me to explain what he meant! Do Better ESPN!
— #LSU (@PROstrength) October 14, 2023

Source: Rolling Out


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