SportsDerrick Rose addresses rape allegations, again (video)

Derrick Rose addresses rape allegations, again (video)

Derrick Rose (Photo credit: / Natursports)
Derrick Rose has addressed criminal allegations made against him eight years ago that resurfaced on July 28 on social media.
In August 2015, Rose, and two friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, were accused of raping Rose’s ex-girlfriend. In October 2016, a Los Angeles jury found Rose and his two friends not liable.In November 2022, Math Hoffa posted a “My Expert Opinion” podcast episode with Derrick Rose. In the three-hour episode, Rose addressed the allegations that recently resurfaced on social media.
“She said we raped her … sneaking into her apartment and running a train on her without her knowing,” Rose said. “She said she was drugged, and s— was so far from the truth. You let us in the apartment, we went in one at a time, and it was so far from a f—ing train. You know what I’m saying, but she went and told the story, lied about it and in the end, she owed us some bread about it … if anything, she owed me $20,000 after the court case.”Rose said he declined to take the money.

#Bulls Derrick Rose goes in detail about his rape allegations:
“She owed me $20k-$30k after the court case”
— Die-Hard Chicago Bulls Fans (@DieHardCBfans) July 28, 2023

At the time of the allegations, Rose was in his final season with the Chicago Bulls. The three-time All-Star and 2011 NBA MVP. He is currently entering his 15th NBA season.

Source: Rolling Out


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