SportsDeebo Samuel gets pranked with fake Cam Newton texts

Deebo Samuel gets pranked with fake Cam Newton texts

Cam Newton has never been the one to back down from a challenge, and he also seems like the type of person who wouldn’t lie in front of a screen.
The former quarterback became the topic of conversation on Dec. 27 when San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel was a guest on the “Up & Adams” show. Kay Adams referenced Newton’s tweet when Brock Purdy threw four interceptions on “Monday Night Football” against the Baltimore Ravens, and Samuel stood up for his quarterback.

— Cameron 1 Newton (@CameronNewton) December 26, 2023

“First of all, Cam Newton, stop texting my phone, bro. You was a fan like 2 weeks ago — that’s mad crazy,” Samuel said. “You wanted me on your podcast after talking about my quarterback, which is funny to me.”

“Cam Newton, stop texting my phone bro.”
Deebo DID NOT hold back on @CameronNewton and @MicahhParsons11 😯@19problemz @heykayadams
— Up & Adams (@UpAndAdamsShow) December 27, 2023

Newton recently categorized NFL quarterbacks into game changers and game managers and said that Purdy should be considered a game manager.Newton heard about Samuel’s comments on Adams’ show and swiftly responded on X, claiming that he had never texted the wide receiver’s phone.
“Deebo, been a fan and still a fan. You must stop the cap bro,” Newton said. “You said something like ‘Cam stop calling my phone.’ Motherf—–, I don’t got your number. Whoever calling you, that ain’t my phone calling you. I don’t even have your number to call you or reach out to you.”

Cam Newton tells Deebo Samuel to “stop the cap.”
“MF I don’t got your number. Whoever calling your phone, that ain’t me calling you.”
— Sheena Quick (@Sheena_Marie3) December 27, 2023

After Newton’s response, Samuel posted screenshots of what he thought were texts from the former quarterback. He quickly found out it was a prank. A user posted a screenshot from Snapchat that said, “My friend’s pledge brother knows a guy from South Carolina who was older and had Debo’s number from when he was there. And he texted Deebo pretending to be Cam Newton.”

VIDEO: High school kids who pranked Deebo Samuel claiming to be Cam Newton
Samuel has since deleted his posts showing texts from “Newton.”
— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) December 28, 2023

Once that news was released, Samuel deleted the screenshot from his X account.

Source: Rolling Out

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