SportsDavis Boxing Promotions presents an unforgettable night of boxing

Davis Boxing Promotions presents an unforgettable night of boxing

There is no boxing show like one in the DMV area, and on Saturday, May 18, Davis Boxing Promotions put on one of those classic events.  Featuring some of the top young, super featherweight, bantam and super bantamweights – including two champions in the co and main events– local boxing fans were treated to a memorable night at the Entertainment and Sports Arena (ESA) in Southeast Washington.

Emerging 130-pound contender, Jordan “Shortdog” White defeated former world title challenger Jonathan Oquendo-Arnaldi in only 65 seconds in a Super Featherweight matchup on Saturday night at the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Washington, D.C. (Abdullah Konte/The Washington Informer)
The festive atmosphere featured go-go and hip-hop music blasting in the background and iconic Hall of Fame ring announcer Henry “Discombobulating”‘ Jones on the microphone.  Other treats included the showcasing of Sharon Sams as one of the rare female ring referees, who showcased her skills as the only woman referee in the ring in four of the fights.

This was all put on the mastermind of Eric Davis, of Davis Boxing Promotions.

“I had been doing some comedy and talent shows but I always wanted to delve into boxing because of its rich history in Washington, D.C.,” said Davis.

“So, in 2022, I stepped out on a leap of faith and started Davis Boxing Promotions.  We started our first three shows at the Merrick Center in Southeast before moving to the ESA.  Coming from Southeast D.C., in what is called East of the River, it held special meaning for me to be able to host it there.”

Davis told The Informer that, like in all new ventures, there are growing pains.

“There were questions surrounding the quality of fighters on the card, so we made a conscious effort to provide the best quality fighters for the boxing fans,” he explained.

On Saturday, there were nine fights on the card, with a mix of the top fighters from the DMV (Waldorf, Falls Church, Hagerstown and Washington, D.C.).  

To give it a blend of quality opponents, Davis brought in fighters from other areas including Puerto Rico and Mexico. Perhaps the most interesting fighter on the card may have been Juan Hernandez Martinez (4-4-2), from Mexico, who fought heavily favored recently crowned champion Dwayne Holmes, Jr. (6-0) in the co-main event.

Dwayne “Sugar Wayne” Holmes celebrates as he defeats Juan Hernandez Martinez by way of majority decision during the co-main event of the Davis Boxing Promotions’ card at the Entertainment and Sports Arena on Saturday, May 18. (Abdullah Konte/The Washington Informer)
“He traveled by bus from Mexico to San Antonio, then to Washington, D.C. to fight in this event,” said Davis, referring to Hernandez Martinez’s determination. “And it proved one of the big surprises of the event as he lost in a decision to Holmes in perhaps the most competitive fight of the night from start to finish.”

David added: “To do what he did and only be 20 years old, he has a tremendously bright future.”

In the much-anticipated main event, there was a clash between Jordan “Short Dog” White (17-1, 11 knockouts (KOs) and veteran Jonathan Oquendo-Rinaldi (31-9, 19 KOs). Oquendo-Rinaldi, who was regarded as a strong challenger to White, was recently crowned NABF champion.

It proved to be not as much of a battle as anticipated as White made quick work by disposing of Oquendo-Rinaldi with 1:06 seconds in the first round.

“Short Dog had been scoring first-round knockouts through his recent career, but the thinking was that Oquendo-Rinaldi would serve as a huge test,” noted Davis.

Other results include:

Francois Scarboro (7-0) defeated Jose Rodriguez Crespo (6-4-1) winning by toal knockout (TKO)

Chris Glenn (6-0-1) won a split decision Jason Versa (5-11)

Ervin Fuller III (7-0) won a unanimous decision over Donte Dunnaville (5-1)

Jeffrey Yu (4-1) knocked out Harley MacPherson, who was also making his debut.

Shakell Daley (4-0) scored a TKO over Dylan Nixon, who was fighting in his first professional fight.

Josiyah Giles (5-0) won a unanimous decision over Charles Puryear.

Nicholas Isaac (4-0) scored a unanimous decision over James Holcombe, who was also making his debut.  

Jordan “Shortdog” White defeated Jonathan Oquendo-Armaldi in a matchup at the Entertainment and Sports Arena on May 18. (Abdullah Konte/The Washington Informer)
“Our goal is to take D.C. boxing to the next level,” explained Davis.  “We have excellent boxing talent here.  The next step is to get a network to consider us.  To let them know that Vegas and California are not the only areas where boxing should be shown.  I have an excellent team working with me and we feel that we are ready to make the next step in bringing boxing back to D.C.”

Gary “Digital” Williams has been around the sport for 35 years and has seen boxing up close and personal.  He shared his notion on how to take boxing to the next level in the D.C. area.

“The problem has not been that we have to bring boxing back; it has always been here,” says Williams, who was honored at the event for his contributions to the sport.  “The problem has been consistency with regards to promotions over a period of time.  That’s what Davis Promotions is attempting to accomplish.  There are some quality young fighters here in this area.  They have a lot of potential.  I like what I see.” 

The Washington Informer will begin a series of profiles on the top young boxers in the area.

Source: Washington Informer


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