NewsDa Baby’s Homophobic Rant Was A ‘Blessing In Disguis’

Da Baby’s Homophobic Rant Was A ‘Blessing In Disguis’

The “Suge” rapper appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast where he was asked if he has any regrets in his career. At first, Da Baby claimed he didn’t until Sharpe reminded him of his infamous Rolling Loud performance that garnered backlash when he made controversial comments about HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ+ community.

“You live and you learn,” he said in a clip captured by The Shade Room, noting how the incident “forced to sit my a** to sit down and self-reflect.”

“I don’t regret anything that I done been through,” he said. “It feels so good to be able say that and mean it. I done probably said that before but I ain’t mean it.”

But now the South Carolina native is in a happier space and sees the growth that came out of the scandal.

“I love the space I’m in as a person,” he said.

“If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cellphone lighter up,” he told attendees. “Ladies, if your p—- smell like water, put your cellphone lighter up. Fellas, if you ain’t sucking d— in the parking lot, put your cellphone lighter up.”

He doubled down on his homophobic rant days later when he took to Twitter to defend his comments.

“My gay fans, they take care of themselves. They ain’t no nasty gay n—as. See what I’m saying? They ain’t no junkies in the street. The hell you talking about, n—as? Then I said if you ain’t sucking d— in the parking lot, put your cellphone lighter up,” he wrote on Twitter.

“You know what my gay fans did? Put that motherf—ing light up, n—a, ’cause my gay fans ain’t going for that. They got class. They ain’t sucking no d— in no parking lot.”

Well, it looks like Da Baby has had a change of heart.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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