NewsControversial Georgia Mayor Bombarded With Racist Messages

Controversial Georgia Mayor Bombarded With Racist Messages

Khalid Kamau, mayor of South Fulton in Georgia, has made headlines in recent weeks after his arrest and strained relations with his city council. However, Kamau is the one calling in authorities this time, requesting an investigation into a rise of racist emails and voicemails he has received that threaten his safety.

BLACK ENTERPRISE covered his July 8 arrest for trespassing on private property, which he believed was vacant and for sale. Following news of the incident, anonymous callers and messages have been directed at the mayor.
Fox 5 Atlanta uncovered some of the explicit messages, most graphic and filled with hate speech and racial slurs.

“Hey you ugly Black [expletive],” stated one email.
“You got caught breaking into a house, didn’t you? I hope some of those good old KKK boys give you some of that old-time Southern justice. I’ll throw a party when I read about that.”

Most of the messages, which were revealed to be from out-of-state senders, reference the mayor’s trespassing incident:
“The majority of Americans don’t care for Blacks. I’m one of them. I’m not cutting any of you slack, catch y’all committing crimes, put your trash out of your misery. Pretty [expletive] ridiculous that you bunch of [N-word] can’t stop breaking the law. Get with it.”

Attorneys on behalf of Kamau are urging the South Fulton Police to provide round-the-clock protection for the mayor as they investigate the issue.

Kamau is also under investigation by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office for reasons undisclosed to the public. The negative attention surrounding his actions has escalated, but the elected leader maintains his innocence on all matters.
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Source: Black Enterprise


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