NewsConsider These Time-Sensitive Options For Student Loan Relief To Erase Debt

Consider These Time-Sensitive Options For Student Loan Relief To Erase Debt

The Supreme Court’s blockage of President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan will create more wealth-building obstacles for Black Americans, a finance expert says.

Black student loan strategist Dr. Tisa Silver Canady says the ruling means broad relief of up to $20,000 per eligible borrower will not happen as previously announced. She contends it means that about 20 million borrowers will be forced into repayment in October 2023 instead of being student loan debt free.

The nation’s most powerful court voted against Biden’s push to forgive a reported $430 billion in student loan debt for over 40 million borrowers. The rejection is a big deal as some 7.5 million Blacks have student debt, according to a TIME report. 

“This relief plan would have provided an immediate boost in net worth for Black Americans and would have decreased debt-to-income ratios that lenders use to evaluate creditworthiness for home and auto loans,” Canady says. “Most borrowers in the payment pause would have been able to enjoy more disposable income as a result of it. The relief would’ve made this freedom permanent for millions.”

An author as well as a collegiate financial wellness expert and advocate specializing in student debt, Canady knows the business well. Her bio declares she has advised students and families on the repayment of more than $100 million in student loans. And she has helped borrowers delete over $8 million in debt since 2022.

Canady will be featured in a new book to be released on July 11, 2023, by Deborah Owens,

Canady connected with BLACK ENTERPRISE to discuss the court’s ruling.


How does this decision make building wealth for Black Americans harder now than before? 
Although white borrowers outnumber their Black counterparts, Black borrowers typically borrow more often and in larger amounts, and experience greater difficulty in repayment. Black borrowers typically take longer to repay the debt, and the accrual of interest during the extra time makes the debt much more expensive for them.

Several factors contribute to these disparities, including a persistent wage gap that affects Black women the most. Black women also tend to pursue advanced degrees more often leading to elevated levels of debt. With lower income prospects–even with an advanced degree–the financial hole becomes even deeper.
What are some tips to help Black students repay outstanding loans or make them more affordable?

 After a three-year pause, payments will resume in October. Be ready by going to and taking inventory of your loans. Take note of your servicers and make certain they have up-to-date contact information for you. Look at the repayment plan you are enrolled in and determine if it’s affordable. If it’s not affordable, contact your servicer to discuss your options including income- driven repayment plans and use the Loan Simulator to review your options.

What actions should borrowers in default consider?  

We hear Biden presented some new alternatives after the Supreme Court’s decision that could help Black American students. What is your take on that?
As far as broad cancelation benefits, there is not enough information to tell. The White House says the process is set to begin with a public hearing in mid-July. Issues to be addressed will be determined after the hearing and then rulemaking sessions will happen this fall.
However, the new repayment plan, “SAVE,” offers a more affordable payment plan. This plan is new so borrowers should visit for more details.

Source: Black Enterprise

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