NewsCommunity Rallies Around Helping Neglected Baby At Walmart

Community Rallies Around Helping Neglected Baby At Walmart

Shoppers at Jackson, Mississippi, Walmart joined forces to help clothe a neglected child while his mother grocery shopped.

Shoppers at a Jackson, Mississippi, Walmart banded together to ensure an underdressed child was safe. According to footage shared on the internet on Jan. 23, the community members helped clothe a child wearing just a diaper on in the winter weather, while questioning the mother who allowed it. 

Meanwhile, the child’s mother, whose identity was not disclosed, was wearing warmer clothing, including a sweater, jeans, and boots, in addition to a hair protective bonnet. While adding items to her cart, she was instantly called out for the lack of attention toward her child’s wellness. Police were called to investigate the issue.

The Neighborhood Talk posted a video of the ordeal, showing others getting involved. 

“That’s just sad,” stated a woman who documented the video in a voiceover. “That baby just had a pamper on.” 

The video showed an older Black woman giving the child clothes as the mother typed on her phone. However, the neglectful mother got into a confrontation with a male shopper. She briefly twerked in the midst of the escalating issue. 

“Somebody call the police on her,” said the woman who continued recording. 

As members of the community called out the mom for letting the child be out in only a diaper, she began explaining that Children’s Protective Services had already been alerted about her twice . However, she explained that “hot water and food’ is all that’s needed to keep one’s children under their care. 

Despite the woman being defensive about her (lack of) parenting skills, the concerned bystanders made sure to do their due diligence on behalf of the child’s safety. Felicia Nicole, the Walmart employee, who originally posted the video on TikTok as @feenicole8, said the mom was arrested at the Walmart and that the children are staying with their grandmother.

Source: Black Enterprise


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