NewsCommissioner Advocates For Statewide Casinos And Sports Betting

Commissioner Advocates For Statewide Casinos And Sports Betting

Henry County Commission Chair, Carlotta Harrell, made a compelling case for legalized sports betting and casino gambling in Georgia.

Highlighting the economic success of legalized gambling in neighboring states, Harrell argued that the proposed legislation could bring substantial benefits to Georgia. She noted that surrounding states have experienced economic impacts exceeding $19 million from legalized gambling.

“Approval of this legislation from both the General Assembly and the citizens of Georgia would significantly boost the number of visitors to the region, thus benefiting local business owners and industries across the region,” said Harrell.

Harrell received support from various officials and individuals advocating for the resolution. Senate Resolution 538 successfully passed the Senate Economic Development & Tourism Committee, marking a crucial step forward. The resolution is now set to be considered by the Senate Rules Committee, which will determine scheduling for a floor vote. If passed by voters in November, the resolution could shape Georgia’s approach to sports betting and casino gambling, bringing potential economic benefits to the state and its counties.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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