NewsCo-Captain Charged Months After Viral Alabama Riverboat Brawl

Co-Captain Charged Months After Viral Alabama Riverboat Brawl

Law officials have been quiet surrounding pending assault charges against the Riverboat co-captain involved in the viral Montgomery riverboat brawl in August.

Court records show Harriott II co-captain, identified as Dameion Pickett, is being charged with third-degree assault, AL reports. While the charges were filed in Montgomery Municipal Court on Oct. 26., both Montgomery police or the city attorney have yet to publicly announce the charges. Zachery “Chase” Shipman, the complainant listed in Pickett’s case, is also facing a third-degree assault charge in connection with the brawl as Shipman was on the pontoon boat. Pickett is listed as a victim in the charges against the pontoon boat occupants.

“I think under different circumstances we could be friends. You might not think so,” Roberts said. “I know you were doing your job.”

According to WFSA 12, Shipman claims that he wasn’t trying to fight Pickett and was defending himself. He suffered from a bruised cheekbone after Pickett allegedly punched him in the face. Out of the five defendants, two pleaded guilty to their roles in the fight.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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