NewsClarence Thomas Slams Brown v. BOE Amid 70th Anniversary

Clarence Thomas Slams Brown v. BOE Amid 70th Anniversary

A report from American University’s School of Education found segregated schools hurt Black and Latino students at disproportionate levels.

While discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to allow South Carolina to continue using a congressional map that critics allege discriminates against Black voters, Thomas attacked the historic Brown v. Board of Education ruling argued by Thurgood Marshall, who would later become the first Black Supreme Court Justice. “The court took a boundless view of equitable remedies in the Brown ruling,” Thomas wrote. 

Due to her young age, Bridges had to be escorted by federal marshals on her first day. 

Thomas has had his share of controversial statements against Black people. Regarding his defense of wanting to keep a predominantly white congressional district in South Carolina, he said federal courts have limited power to grant equitable relief, “not the flexible power to invent whatever new remedies may seem useful at the time.” 

This is not the first time the Justice has opposed anti-discrimination measures. According to Newsweek, before being nominated by Republican President George H. W. Bush to the high court in 1991, he fought to use class-action lawsuits to enforce workplace discrimination laws while working for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

He once claimed that Black people are against him because they can’t handle his views that call for Black people to stop looking for free stuff from white people or government programs. He also said in a speech in 1998 that he refused to be an “intellectual slave.”

Source: Black Enterprise

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