NewsChicago Police Hunt For Shooter Of Two High Schoolers

Chicago Police Hunt For Shooter Of Two High Schoolers

A masked shooter got out of the car to pull the trigger on the two boys.

Chicago police are on the hunt for a shooter who killed two teenagers as they left their high school on Jan. 26. The victims, 16-year-old Robert Boston and 17-year-old Monterio Williams, were students at Innovations High School in the city. 

Calls for justice by both their families and community have led to a manhunt for the responsible shooter, who committed the act right in front of the school, as reported by ABC7. Local Chicago activist Andrew Holmes told reporters that the boys’ grieving mothers have faith the authorities will do their part to find the man that killed them, while also referring to the killings as an “execution.”

“And also, at the same time, who and if anybody made a call from the school saying that these two individuals were walking down the street, this was definitely an execution,” Holmes said. 

According to investigators, two dark-colored vehicles arrived at the charter school for academically-challenged and troubled youth, as a masked shooter got out of the car to pull the trigger on the two boys. After the gunmen fired, some involved ran away on foot while the drivers of the car and SUV fled the area. Both Boston and Williams were pronounced dead after being transported to the nearest hospital. 

The school’s principal, Alicia Shines, released a statement on the school’s website regarding the “tragic loss” of the slain students.

“It is with profound sadness and deep sorrow that we come together to mourn the devastating loss of two of our students, who were tragically shot and killed while being dismissed for the weekend,” said Hines. “This incident has devastated our students, faculty, staff and community at large. We appreciate the outpouring of support as our school grapples with this senseless act of violence.” 

Police are continuing to urge anyone with information to come forward as they continue their search and investigation. With no arrests currently made, all involved in what is considered an isolated attack remain at large. 

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Source: Black Enterprise

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