NewsCharlotte Nonprofit Secures Property For Former Inmates

Charlotte Nonprofit Secures Property For Former Inmates

This is called doing the work!

A Charlotte, NC-based reentry nonprofit closed on a deal to provide low-income housing for former inmates and their families. 

Robinson said he is “overjoyed and excited” for the opportunity as he knows firsthand what it’s like to have to start from scratch. “I know how it feels to come home from prison and have to start from scratch. Now, I am able to support those that are re-entering society so that they can start fresh with sustainable services and viable resources along with a roof over their heads,” Robinson said. 

“This is what true impact feels like. It is truly a proud moment for me and those that have helped me along the way to see this opportunity come to fruition.”


First, 18 vouchers were allotted to the group, and an official partnership was formed with Inlivian to provide housing choice vouchers, including for residents returning from incarceration. 

With the new project, FFM will be able to continue offering services to its constituents, including jail release transition support, court advocacy, and public transportation support. 

Source: Black Enterprise

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