SportsChad Johnson reveals what enhancement he would take before football games

Chad Johnson reveals what enhancement he would take before football games

Chad Johnson continues surprising people with what he used to do during his playing days.
During an episode of his and Shannon Sharpe’s show “Nightcap,” Johnson was asked about taking Viagra before games. Johnson didn’t deny the claim but went into detail about his process.“Listen to me, it’s an enhancement with the increasing blood flow to improve performance horizontally, depending on how you do it,” Johnson said. “I don’t know what you do at home, but to improve, they work too. Stay with me now. If you take half a pill before a game with a little bit of Red Bull, it increases the blood flow, which enhances performance.”
Johnson then explains how taking the Viagra would affect his play.“I’m out there going crazy on half a Viagra and a little bit of Red Bull, and people are like, ‘God, I can’t stop him for nothing,’” Johnson said. “Then I am talking the whole game. The increased blood flow has me moving 10 times faster than I would regularly be moving without it, and that’s what people don’t understand. That’s where the Viagra comes into play.”
In 2020, Johnson tweeted that he used to take Viagra before games.

I took viagra before every game & people thought they’d stop me, if my stat line was bad i wasn’t covered, the pass was just incomplete 💭
— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) July 28, 2020

Johnson has also claimed that he never got injured while playing because he ate McDonald’s and has tried to convince other athletes to do the same.

Source: Rolling Out


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