NewsCardi B And Patti LaBelle Unite For Holiday Dessert Mashup

Cardi B And Patti LaBelle Unite For Holiday Dessert Mashup

Cardi B has teamed up with Patti LaBelle for a holiday dessert mashup between Patti’s Pies and Whipshots.

Cardi B has teamed up with the legendary songstress Patti LaBelle for a holiday dessert mashup between Patti’s Good LifePies and Whipshots.

Patti’s Good Life Pies has partnered with Cardi B’s Whipshots Whip Cream for the perfect combination of whipped cream-covered holiday pies. The two superstars only just met for the collaboration but quickly hit it off as LaBelle, 79, always saw Cardi, 31, as one of her distant children.

“I’ve been her mother in my mind for a long time because she’s just all that and a bag of chips. And I’m all that and a bag of chips,” LaBelle told People.

Cardi was completely starstruck getting to meet the singer she also respects as a music icon and elder.

“I feel like I’m not worthy, I just feel so shook!” the Grammy Award-winning rapper said. “I’m super starstruck. I’m on my best behavior.”

“Oh, don’t be on your best behavior with me because I’m really bad,” LaBelle jokingly added.

In addition to loving Patti’s music, like everyone else, Cardi loves the singer’s food line, which has only continued to grow in popularity year after year. Patti’s Good Life includes her signature pies, macaroni and cheese, banana pudding, and other fresh and frozen foods.

“I got to take [inspiration] from you,” Cardi tells Patti of her two-year-old alcohol whipped cream brand Whipped Shots. With flavors like pumpkin spice, peppermint, vanilla, mocha, and caramel, Cardi’s whipped cream makes for the perfect holiday pairing with Pattie Pies.

The ad was shot in a sitcom style, with Cardi coming over to Patti’s house to “feed” her.

“We’re going to try your Whipshots with my Patti pie,” LaBelle tells Cardi.

“Let’s do pumpkin,” Cardi says, reaching for her flavored whipped cream. A veteran in the food game, LaBelle expresses her skepticism by asking, Pumpkin for sweet potato?”

Cardi insists the two products will “make love together.”

“You gotta trust me on this one,” the rapper says, with LaBelle agreeing. “I trust you, boo!”

Holiday dessert lovers can get their hands on Patti’s Good Life pies and Cardi’s Whipshots at Walmart.

Source: Black Enterprise

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