NewsCam'Ron Recruits NBA Legend Mark Jackson For ’It Is What It Is’

Cam’Ron Recruits NBA Legend Mark Jackson For ’It Is What It Is’

Cam’Ron seized the opportunity to collaborate with Mark Jackson, bringing him on board for his sports podcast, “It Is What It Is.”

Cam’Ron, known for his successful transition into the sports media landscape with the podcast he co-hosts with rapper Mase, wasted no time in reaching out to Jackson after learning about his ESPN exit. Expressing frustration with the treatment Jackson received, Cam’Ron decided to extend a compelling offer to the NBA legend.

“I got tired with what the f*** they were doing to Mark, man. That s*** was some real bulls*** what they were doing to Mark…I’m like Mark, you could make some bread with this podcast s***, then we started talking numbers and s***, and he was telling me what he was making. I’m not gonna put his business out there with ESPN, but I’m like ‘Mark, give me an opportunity to make you more than what you’re making now,‘” explained Cam’Ron on All The Smoke.

Recognizing the value of Jackson’s commentary skills and basketball knowledge, Cam’Ron made a concerted effort to persuade the NBA legend to join the It Is What It Is. Initially hesitant, Jackson questioned the motives behind the collaboration. Cam’Ron, aka ‘Killa Cam,’ took decisive action to demonstrate his sincerity in partnering with the basketball icon.

In the interview on All The Smoke, Cam’Ron elaborated on how he approached Jackson, “We were talking for months, soon as he got fired or let go of, however, you want to f***ing put it, from ESPN, I reached right out…He was kinda hesitant a little bit. He was like ‘What you get out of it? Because I ain’t trying to get robbed or nothing.’ I’m like, ‘Bro, where the f in America am I gonna go if I rob Mark Jackson?’…I said, ‘Mark, can I come meet you?’ So I tell the n*** Mase, ‘Yo, I’m gonna take a duffel bag to Mark until we get these papers together.’ Mase was like ‘How much you taking?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m taking a quarter ticket to him,’” shared Cam’Ron.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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