SportsCam Newton jokes about the Atlanta Falcons needing him

Cam Newton jokes about the Atlanta Falcons needing him

Cam Newton is content not playing football again…  True or false?
The former NFL MVP and NFC champion’s “i am ÎČØÑÎČ live tøūr” alongside fellow former NFL star Brandon Marshall stopped in Atlanta on Dec. 19. Most of the night’s focus was about having a good time. The only times sports was mentioned throughout the night was when some special guests like former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker and Pro Bowl wide receiver Roddy White were acknowledged in the crowd. It was a night of laughter and dancing, as the topics focused on relationships and Atlanta culture, and a sit-down discussion with 2 Chainz heavily centered on Black fatherhood, but one moment stood out.Early in the show, as Newton and Marshall bounced on stage with a boatload of energy playing pass the aux, Newton said he received a call. He claimed he answered and heard, “Hey, Cam!” His response was, “Who’s this?” After a long, dramatic pause, Newton revealed it was Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank. The crowd leaned in, considering if maybe this was some scoop about the Falcons looking at Newton.
“I’m joking, I’m joking!” Newton, 34, quickly clarified before attendees tweeted out the information.As the crowd came down from laughter, Newton also said, “Someone tell [Atlanta Falcons quarterback Desmond] Ridder to move over” and insinuated the franchise should let a player like him rock out Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
Seeing how interested everyone was in his joke, Newton said they would get to talk more about football or whatever else attendees wished to discuss later in the show. However, due to how well the other segments went, including putting Andrew, a young fan, on a blind date with fellow fan Summer, the possibility of Newton playing for his hometown was never rehashed.
The night before the show, Newton threw an impressive pass from the Atlanta Hawks’ court into the suites.

Cam Newton is here at the Hawks vs Pistons game and just threw a football into the suites.
— JJ (@JameelahJNBA) December 19, 2023

The stop at the Hawks’ game came after a day of press promoting the live show. At his V-103 stop, Newton flat-out said he didn’t want to play in the NFL right now, but if Blank called, he’d ask how much the coach would pay him.

ÿøu ärē ÑØT før ēvērÿbødÿ‼️
tødäÿ ØÑ @V103Atlanta w/ @BigTiggerShow
— Cameron 1 Newton (@CameronNewton) December 18, 2023

During his rolling out press stop, Newton explained why he’s content no longer playing in the NFL.
“I’m always asked [if I’m] done playing football,” Newton told rolling out. “I left the game better than when I first came in because I gave more opportunities to Black quarterbacks. I’m a byproduct of Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, [and] Steve Young to that degree of [dual-threat quarterbacks]…to the Vince Young’s, the Jamarcus Russell’s of the world…good, bad, and indifferent, Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, these players gave me the [chance] to have an opportunity.”
Meanwhile, the Falcons have made another change at quarterback, as coach Arthur Smith announced Taylor Heinicke as the team’s starter, benching Ridder for the second time this season.

Source: Rolling Out


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