SportsCam Newton, Brandon Marshall look at landscape of Black QBs

Cam Newton, Brandon Marshall look at landscape of Black QBs

Cam Newton and Brandon Marshall are excited about one aspect of the current state of the NFL – the increasing number of Black starting quarterbacks over the past few seasons, thanks to contributions from athletes like Newton.
Recently, Newton and Marshall stopped by the rolling out office, while promoting their joint “i am ÎČØÑÎČ live tøūr” to discuss the current state of the game’s most important position.I will name three Black quarterbacks. Tell me how you feel about them, first Justin Fields.
Newton: I had the opportunity to see the 16-year-old Justin Fields out of high school, he was on my 7-on-7 All-Star Team. I’ve had great ones, Deshaun Watson was the first quarterback to come through, Bo Nix, Heisman finalist, Sam Howell, the Commanders’ starting quarterback.There’s so much Justin has to to give the game of football, it’s just about is he able to have that opportunity, because time is ticking. He has the talent, but will he be able to prove it? He has to prove it every single day.
Marshall: I would say he has an opportunity to be legendary, but like what Cam was saying, be comfortable being you. As a young athlete, definitely a young quarterback because there’s more pressure on Cam than it was on me. He’s like the CEO of the organization, you’ve got to lead up, you have to lead down.
That’s the same for Justin. When you’re young, you’re afraid to be you, but we saw when he was him a couple of months ago and he said, “This ain’t working.” Some things changed. Then, he went for 300 yards, 400 yards, a couple of touchdowns and then he ended up getting hurt. I think he needs to continue to lean into himself, be comfortable there and he can be legendary.
Lamar Jackson …
Marshall: Lamar Jackson is special. Lamar Jackson will probably be in the Super Bowl this year.
Kyler Murray …
Newton: It’s crazy. Kyler Murray DM’d me on Saturday. To my surprise, as any competitor would, he said, “Give me time, and I prove to you that I’ll be a game changer.” I thought that was timely of him, and I told was, “Bro. One thing for you can’t worry about is the he say, she say type of type of talk. Focus on the grind, focus on performing and really perfecting your craft. Because how Kyler Murray may prepare for a game is completely different from how Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes the list goes on.”
That was a bar, but all-in-all, it’s just really being the best version of yourself. Above all, win football games.
Marshall: Let me say this, too. The Black quarterback has always played second fiddle to the White quarterback … 1703348044, I would say it’s the era of the Black quarterback era.
Newton: I’m always asked if I’m done playing football. I look at it as I left the game better than what it was when I first came in because I gave more opportunities [to Black quarterbacks]. I’m a byproduct of what Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, Steve Young to that degree. The Vince Young’s, the Jamarcus Russell’s of the world. Good, bad or indifferent. Donovan McNabb. Dante Culpepper, these players gave me the opportunity to be.

Source: Rolling Out

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