NewsBojangles Accused Of Racism In Complaint From Former Manager

Bojangles Accused Of Racism In Complaint From Former Manager

The lawsuit accuses Bojangles of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and detailed several incidents Roslyn McManus alleges she experienced during her time working at the restaurant chain.

Southern fast-food restaurant Bojangles is accused of having racist practices, according to a former employee.

In the complaint, McManus alleges that during this same time period, Robert Yonyetye, a senior director of field training, would only speak to white employees whenever he visited the store where she was training. Once McManus graduated from the training and was assigned to another store, she says Bojangles management reneged on a promise they allegedly made to her when she was hired. According to her complaint, the company pledged to offer her a promotion from assistant general manager to general manager as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

However, once these positions opened up, they were filled by white candidates. Eventually, McManus received the promotion she sought, but according to her complaint, the store she was placed in put her in a position to hear racist remarks regularly. According to the complaint, Katie Murry, the white area director, “committed racially derogatory acts and made several racially derogatory comments towards African American employees.”

Murry was accused of making monkey noises and gestures around a Black employee, referring to Black managers as dumb, and only making derogatory comments about Black employees who were overweight. 

According to her complaint, Caines and another manager read her report and laughed in the restaurant. Later that day, she received an email notifying her that her upcoming shifts had been deleted, essentially firing her. McManus claimed Caines was culpable for her termination.

Tibbs also alleged the manager directed the group to the front of the restaurant and said they could have whatever they wanted. She later quit.

Tibbs told the outlet that the incident led to an exodus of employees from that particular location. “I immediately left. That was my last day actually employed with Bojangles. Seven employees quit after I did. One of the managers and another employee walked out that day. The rest of the employees started leaving within that same week.”

Melinda C. Dugas, a regional attorney for the Charlotte District, emphasized the right of employees to work in an environment free from sexual harassment. “Employees have a right to be free from sexual harassment in the workplace,” Dugas said. “Employers cannot tolerate such conduct or allow managers to retaliate against employees for reporting the harassment.”

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Source: Black Enterprise

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