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Bobby White Shares Look Into Life As ‘Last Black Undercover Narc in U.S’


Meet Bobby R. White, the author of a new book entitled The Last Black Undercover Narc in America, which gives readers a glimpse into the chaotic world of being an African American undercover narcotic officer.

Undercover operations involving black police officers can carry inherent risks and challenges. While the use of undercover officers is a common practice in law enforcement, the dangers faced by black officers operating in this capacity are multifaceted and demand careful consideration. Moreover, there is the inherent risk of psychological toll on the undercover officer, who must navigate a delicate balance between loyalty to their profession and potential conflicts with their community.

The book also reveals to readers why his alias, the undercover name of Ray Jay Black, was the most feared name to the drug cartel who tried to kill him, and to the crooked politicians who tried to smear his name after his investigation.

The Last Black Undercover Narc In America also reveals the national media’s hidden history of how systemic racism from friendly fire has been the main cause of death for many Black undercover cops and Black plainclothes police detectives in America.
The book is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and Google Play.

Source: Black Enterprise


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