NewsBlueprint University Is A New Texas Hub For Diverse Entrepreneurs

Blueprint University Is A New Texas Hub For Diverse Entrepreneurs

Founded by 26-year-old entrepreneur Kaila Cherie, The Blueprint University and Dallas Startup Club seek to provide a new network for aspiring business owners of color.

Dallas, Texas, is getting a new hub for its diverse entrepreneurs. The Blueprint University was created by 26-year-old Kaila Cherie as a way to build community and ideas, empowering innovators of color.

With Dallas as the headquarters for The Blueprint University, Cherie is gearing up to make a significant impact in the entrepreneurial space by being a “catalyst for success” within the city and eventually nationwide. Its launch event for the Dallas Startup Club on Dec. 13 brought together aspiring and thriving business owners to network and build with one another to expand their endeavors.

The Blueprint University and its headquarters aim to foster a support system for people of color, which Cherie recognizes as pivotal to one’s success when embarking on a new business venture. Alongside creating the Dallas Startup Club, the initiative will aim to provide monetary resources, such as access to angel investors and guidance to the diverse entrepreneurs who need it most.

“We believe that every entrepreneur deserves the chance to succeed, and that’s what The Blueprint University and the Dallas Startup Club are all about,” says Cherie. “We want to provide not just the knowledge but the financial support and resources needed to turn dreams into successful businesses. Dallas is a hub of incredible talent, and we’re here to bring it all together.

To be part of the future of Dallas’s entrepreneurial landscape, sign up to stay on top of the growing network.

Source: Black Enterprise


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