NewsBlack Women With Cancer Lack Access To Genetic Testing

Black Women With Cancer Lack Access To Genetic Testing

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A study at Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center found Black women with cancer face increased barriers to genetic testing.

“They’re [Black women] not getting screened at the same rate,” said Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Surgical Oncologist Dr. Bridget Oppong. “They’re showing up with more advanced cancers, and they’re not having the same access to treatment, or they’re not completing the treatments.”

Overrepresentation of European ancestry

Disparities in access to care

More than three-quarters of Black women reported that their PCP was their “main source” of information about cancer risk and prevention, while one-third of white women found this to be true. However, many PCPs may not have the knowledge or expertise to give accurate answers about cancer risk. Black patients similarly reported that their PCPs rarely initiated conversations about cancer risk, offered fewer details when asked about cancer risk, and rarely discussed risk-reduction options beyond screening.
Financial barriers

Source: Black Enterprise


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