NewsBlack Women Invest Aims To Empower 1M Black Women

Black Women Invest Aims To Empower 1M Black Women

Local chapters of Black Women Invest meet to discuss financial topics like crypto, stocks, real estate, entrepreneurship, and retirement.

Black Women Invest (BWI) provides the support and resources needed to step into the world of investing. According to BWI’s website, the sisterhood, founded by Schelo Doirin, is committed to helping one million Black women become strong investors with access to various educational tools. The community meets monthly through local chapters to discuss financial topics like crypto, stocks, real estate, business, entrepreneurship, retirement planning, and more.

According to KGTV, BWI has made its mark in Southern California.

“A lot of Black families were never exposed to financial education and instruments for building their wealth,” says Samonae Carter, the Southern California Chapter president for Black Women Invest. Carter’s chapter consists of a few dozen women who meet biweekly to learn about financial literacy.

On Oct. 2, BWI launched its new accelerator program. The six-week investment course teaches the foundations of investing, mastering the stock market, and building a portfolio. Members can take advantage of exclusive small-group coaching as they venture through the course.

BWI’s Accelerator Program includes:

Stock and index fund training

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) training

Investment Worksheet to track and manage your investments

Downloadable Stock Market Investment Planner

Black Women Invest Online Course curriculum

Accountability Partner for support

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Participants of the BWI community have branched off to start their own groups.

The community of women announced the launch of its Washington, D.C., chapter on Sept. 18.

“We are extremely excited to continue connecting with the beautiful Black women in Washington, D.C., who want to learn, grow, and build generational wealth together!,” the wealth-building community wrote on Instagram. The D.C. chapter celebrated its launch with a brunch.

Join a local chapter and become part of the BWI sisterhood. An online chapter is available for those who may not have a chapter nearby.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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