NewsBlack Women Homebuyers Still Facing Systemic Roadblocks

Black Women Homebuyers Still Facing Systemic Roadblocks

Three key factors that pose obstacles for Black women homeowners are education debt, mortgage access and low-wage jobs.

There’s a rising wave of Black women achieving homeownership; however, the path to home acquisition for single Black women remains marred by considerable obstacles. Recent real estate data reveals Black women are far ahead as homebuyers, compared to Black men.

According to the National Association of Realtors, single female buyers represent 27% of all Black homeowners, which is ahead of the single women, who represent 24% of Asian homebuyers, 17% of white buyers, and 7% of Hispanic buyers.

CNBC reported three key factors that pose obstacles for single Black women homeowners: education debt, mortgage access, and low-wage jobs.

“…If you’re a Black woman in America, you’re probably going to have a harsh time buying a house in many circumstances,” LendingTree economist Jacob Channel stated. Channel pointed to “societal hurdles that…should not exist,” which “make it unnecessarily difficult,” despite the increasing Black female homeownership numbers.

One such barrier is the disproportionate student loan burden carried by Black women – averaging $41,466 in undergraduate debt alone, according to Bankrate.

A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis revealed a stark racial divide in the ability to leverage familial wealth after graduating college. While white households commonly receive financial transfers from relatives to assist with major investments like home purchases, students of color seldom have access to such generational affluence. This disparity forces many minorities to shoulder higher rates of loan debt in order to finance their education and achieve property ownership goals unattainable through personal or family resources alone.

Mortgage accessibility compounds the issue.

Employment represents another headwind.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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