NewsBlack Women Arrested For 'Dine And Dash' Attack On Taco Vendor

Black Women Arrested For ‘Dine And Dash’ Attack On Taco Vendor

The Los Angeles Police Department have identified a Black women who went on a rampage after a taco vendor asked her to pay for her order, KTLA reports.

Renee Latrice Hines was arrested after she was seen on video attacking Joanna Vasquez, a worker at the Ortiz Tacos stand. Police reports alleged Hines “punched and pepper sprayed the victim when the victim asked the suspect to pay for the tacos she had consumed.”

Vasquez says Hines HAM on her.

“When she finished spraying me, she started throwing everything and then she grabbed me and started to hit me,” Vasquez said.
“She pulled my hair and then punched me in my shoulders. She punched me in the face. She unloaded on me and then let me go.”

The incident went viral with people disagreeing on Hines actions. “On Behalf of the Black community, we do not condone or agree with this behavior,” one user wrote on Instagram. Another user defended the taco stand vendor, highlights that most vendors are just there to get paid and don’t bother anyone.
“Send her [to] jail cause the taco vendors don’t mess with anybody and they’re just tryna make it out there too,” a user by the name of foxyroxhair said.

One comment alleges that Hines was fired from her job after the incident made some headlines.
“Internet found her address and place of work,” the comment said.
“This Friday her “old employer” hired this vendor to do a work event. He’s feeding the whole company lol.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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