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Black Woman In Chicago Share Their Fear Of Being A Victim of Violence

Black women in Chicago make up only 16% of the city’s population yet account for 25% of crime victims. Now, a few brave victims are speaking out on a problem they say the city has been overlooking for far too long.

“I don’t know if today’s the day they want to carjack me. I don’t know if today’s the day they want to rob me,” one woman said.

The attack came several months after Jamison was confronted at knifepoint by a man while getting gas for her car.
“He just said, ‘Bi*ch, give me your keys,’” Jamison recalled. “What made me say no? Because I observed him. I can tell that he wasn’t ready because he was flinching. He was nervous.”

Jamison’s response highlights the reactionary defenses she’s acquired in the violence-stricken city. Thankfully, there were two other women present who aided her, with one pulling out a bat she had inside the trunk of her car.
“I said give me your bat, give me your bat,” Jamison said.

Other eyewitnesses recalled the attacker camping out at the gas station for hours to find a victim. Jamison believes she was the intended target with her being a young Black woman.
“I guess he was feeling like I was gonna be vulnerable, be like get the key. But he got the wrong female,” she said.

“I have to take this train and honestly, I don’t feel comfortable getting back on that train. I don’t feel safe.”
Niya Williams recalled being shot in the face by a man while inside her car after being verbally attacked by a group of men inside a Bronzeville restaurant.
“It was the biggest burn I ever felt. My teeth were blown out. I have no teeth on this side. I was spitting out bullets and teeth at the same time,” she said.
Williams, like many other Black women in Chicago, remains in constant fear for their life.
“I’m a lot traumatized now, because when night falls, it gets scary just out here in the world. Getting out to your car. Walking your dog,” she said.
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Source: Black Enterprise


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