NewsBlack Woman From St. Louis Officially Adopts 5 Siblings She Used to...

Black Woman From St. Louis Officially Adopts 5 Siblings She Used to Babysit

Nationwide — La Tonya Ruff, a African American woman from St. Louis, finally brought back together a family of five siblings after she tried for seven years to adopt or become a legal guardian for all of them.

In 2012, Ruff’s connection with the kids when she used to babysit them. She even opened a daycare after discovering her love for looking after children. Unfortunately, when the children went into foster care, she was not informed.

The older kids, Tiana Trevione, and Ashton, were featured on a TV show to seek a more permanent living situation. When she learned about it, she immediately took action.

“It took me seven years to get this family back together, getting them back one by one,” Ruff told KSDK.

Ruff adopted the younger siblings, Dayton and Ky’La, and was present at their births. Meanwhile, the older kids decided to keep their parents’ names on legal documents, honoring their father who passed away.

In 2022, Ruff gained guardianship of Tiana. Most recently, she gained guardianship of the 2 older boys Ashton and Trevione, marking the culmination of years of effort to reunite these siblings.

The court ruling ensures the siblings can grow up together under one roof.

“I gave them their forever home, and I wouldn’t have it anything other way,” Ruff said. “It isn’t an easy job, and I knew it wouldn’t be, but the purpose behind it all makes it even more worth it. We are family.”



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