NewsBlack Woman Entrepreneur Launches Organic Tea Products Inspired By Her Great-Grandmother

Black Woman Entrepreneur Launches Organic Tea Products Inspired By Her Great-Grandmother

Nationwide — Meet Michelle Watson, the founder and CEO of IngenuiTea, a Black-owned line of organic tea products. When her phone kept ringing, she was sure there was a problem. But that buzz buzz buzzing was the sound of validation. This active-duty vet took a leap of faith to open a business during uncertain times. The result? A nearly sold-out launch the very first day she opened her website’s virtual doors.

Michelle is the product of world travel. Her great-grandmother Anna was born and raised in Grenada which was a British colony at the time. Before later emigrating to Panama, Anna developed a deep love for English tea. Her legacy and passion for good tea and spices were passed down to her children, their children, and future generations.

Michelle, who grew up in the States, inherited her great-grandmother’s love of tea and has carried that curiosity for the camellia sinensis plant throughout her travels across the globe.

While she loves serving her country, deep down she always knew she wanted to own a business sharing her love of organic tea with the world.

So IngenuiTea was launched in January and experienced resounding sales. The brand boasts an eclectic blend of delicious and soothing flavors like warm Spiced Pear, joyful Champagne and Berries Cheer, and exotic Riviera Mimosa.

Providing premium, organic tea at an affordable price is one step in Michelle’s mission to help customers on their path toward a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

IngenuiTea’s organic teas provide focus and a natural energy boost without the debilitating amounts of sugar and caffeine that are found in soda and energy drinks.

Michelle is committed to dedicating 10% of profits from IngenuiTea™ Gourmet Tea & Spice Company to supporting organizations focused on food security programs and agricultural efforts headed by women of color.

“Tea is life,” she says. “The next best thing you can put in your body after water is tea.”

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