NewsBlack Texas Teen Sent To Alternative School Because Of Locs

Black Texas Teen Sent To Alternative School Because Of Locs

A Black high-schooler in Texas will be removed from his current school and sent to an alternative education program due to his natural hairstyle. The administration believes that the young man’s locs violate the school’s dress code, which is why the high school junior has been suspended since late August.

According to the Associated Press, on Oct. 11, Darryl George was formally removed from Barbers Hills High School and placed in EPIC, alternative education program.
George was informed of the move via letter from the school’s principal, Lance Murphy. The letter explained the student was removed due to his “failure to comply” with the school district’s regulation regarding hairstyles for male students.

George is set to attend EPIC until the end of November, when he will be allowed to return to his original school. However, he may come back earlier if willing to discuss his actions regarding his hair.
The teen’s family maintains that his “violation” is actually a form of discrimination against Black natural hairstyles. They have filed a federal lawsuit, stating that the school’s action toward the high-schooler is not aligned with the newly established CROWN Act, which prohibits hair discrimination.

Currently, the school insists that their enforcement of a dress code, in which the length of George’s locs falls under, is still in accordance with the legislation. The Barbers Hills School district has also filed a lawsuit in state district court asking a judge for clarification on the matter.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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