NewsBlack teacher loses job over sister dating a White man

Black teacher loses job over sister dating a White man

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A Texas elementary school teacher lost her job after she posted racist statements on social media about her sister dating a White man.
On Aug. 8, the Mesquite Independent School District released a statement saying that the teacher was no longer with the school after they became aware of the “alarming, racist” posts she wrote on Twitter. She taught third grade for three years at Thompson Elementary School and taught at the district for four years.
— Mesquite ISD (@mesquiteisdtx) August 8, 2023

The teacher, who went by the name Claire Kyle on Twitter, has since deleted her account, but some of her tweets have gone viral, including a video she made about her sister and her boyfriend.

Self proclaimed “black supremacist” goes on unhinged racist tirade after finding out her sister slept with a white man.
She vows to destroy the relationship before asking her boyfriend to “come and kill him for me.”
She is a teacher in Mesquite Texas
— EZee (@E_Zee12) August 8, 2023

“I just want to let y’all know, that I’m about to do everything in my power to f— this relationship up, and it’s going to be so fun and so satisfying to watch,” the ex-teacher said in the video.In one of her tweets, she said “I enjoy being racist! I’m never changing!” She also claimed in another tweet that her job found out about the tweets, but her job was safe.
“Yes. Y’all have found my job. They told me to delete the post but my job is safe since I did not directly wish harm on ALL white people,” the teacher tweeted on Aug. 7.  “They laughed and told me to watch what I say and I’ll be good to go!”

Source: Rolling Out


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