NewsBlack SC Couple Finds Burning Cross In Front Of House

Black SC Couple Finds Burning Cross In Front Of House

Shawn and Monica Williams no longer feel safe in their neighborhood after the incident.

According to Fox News Carolina, a South Carolina couple has been rattled by a racist incident involving their neighbors. Shawn and Monica Williams no longer feel safe in their neighborhood after they came outside during Thanksgiving weekend to find a burning cross outside of their home. 

Monica recalled, “There was a cross burning about eight feet from our fence. We were speechless because we’ve never experienced something like that.”

Although this incident was traumatic, Monica and Shawn said that it wasn’t completely out of nowhere. After the couple moved to Conway two years ago for their retirement, they experienced repeated incidents of racism from their neighbors. 

Monica explained, “He’s blatant with the ‘N-word,’ he chased off our surveyors. He’s chased off people from the water and sewer department.” 

The Williams even installed a fence around their yard to try and keep some semblance of peace. The neighbors, 28-year-old Worden Butler and 27-year-old Alexis Harnett, continued to escalate and recently burned a cross in front of their home. 

The Williams had no choice but to call the Horry County police, and Worden and Alexis were arrested. While they were being arrested, Alexis reportedly screamed racial slurs at the Williams.

The police report detailed that Worden previously posted the Williams’ address online and stated that he was going to “make them pay.” Alexis was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct in the past. So, the pair have now been hit with second-degree harassment charges.

Monica and Shawn don’t believe that their neighbors’ arrest is enough to fix the issue though. 

Monica expressed, “They [Alexis & Worden] were out the next day. So, what are we to do? Live next to a cross-burning racist who’s threatened to cause us bodily harm. We feel there are not enough laws in place to deal with this.” 

Further legal repercussions are unable to be brought against Alexis and Worden since South Carolina is one of two U.S. states without a specific hate crime law.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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