NewsBlack-Owned Pizza Spot Is One Of The First In Colorado

Black-Owned Pizza Spot Is One Of The First In Colorado

There aren’t too many Black-owned pizzerias, but one has popped up in Colorado.

“I’m a foster mom, and I own group homes, and I’ve always taught all my kids from adopted to biological, you know, that anything is possible,” owner Laticia Lewis told CBS Colorado.

“My mom put us in a group chat and was like, ‘What about a pizza shop?’” said her son, Terrell Jones.
“It’s my favorite food in the world,” said Lewis.

Lewis said she nor anyone else in the family had experience making pizzas. But that didn’t stop her or her children, Terrell, Naynay, and Tyrese, the initials for TNT, from taking this task on..
“We were not at all expecting to be the first,” Lewis said. “But if we are, it’s a blessing. And I hope this opens the door for all minorities to know that if it’s there, you can do it.”

Lewis added that anyone can just come in, even if they are not ordering any food. It’s truly a place for people to feel at home.
“You can come in here, sit down, get you a water, get a Gatorade, watch the game, you don’t have to order anything, just come in and talk if you just wanna get out the house, you don’t have to come order pizza. It’s just a home for everyone,” said Tyrese Bailey.

Giving back is also part of the plan. Lewis said she gives pizza to the homeless, first responders, and foster families. On Fridays, they’re dropping off pizzas to local small businesses to build that sense of community.
With a start like this, it should be easier for others to follow in their footsteps.

Source: Black Enterprise


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