NewsBlack Man's Business Truck Painted With Racial Slurs

Black Man’s Business Truck Painted With Racial Slurs

Claybon was contacted by Eureka Police around 2 A.M. and told that his work truck was on fire. Claybon and his fiancée met officers at the end of the block. 

Claybon began considering who would want to harm him or his business, and no names came to mind. He admitted he was unsure whether it was a personal grudge against him or if it was someone who had an issue with where he had been parking his truck for the past few weeks. 

Claybon explained that he’d received complaints in the past about his truck being parked in one spot for more than 72 hours, but that no complaints about the location warranted what was done to his truck.

“A lot of people have asked me, ‘How would [the alleged perpetrator] know I’m Black?’ Well, my last name says it all,” Claybon said. 

“It was basically brand new. The only original things are the leather seats.”

He has considered starting a GoFundMe because it’s unlikely that his insurance claim will cover the full value of his trucks and the loss his business will take due to being out of commission. 

He decided there was another way that he wanted people to help.

“If anybody wants to help, tell your friends [about my business],” he expressed, “I tile, you smile. I’ve had so many bumps in the road; this is nothing a little blood, sweat, and time, and cars can’t fix,” Claybon said.

The Eureka Police Department is currently still investigating the firebombing.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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