NewsBlack Man Mauled By Police Dog In Ohio After Traffic Stop

Black Man Mauled By Police Dog In Ohio After Traffic Stop

Jadarrius Rose was stopped following a “lengthy chase” on July 4, after Ohio police attempted to pull him over because his 18-wheeler was missing a left rear mud flap.

According to CNN, Rose initially did not stop for an inspection of his vehicle and according to the case report, the dispatch called for a marked patrol unit to assist in order to get the man to stop for an inspection.
As Rose stopped his semi and got out, he was approached by an officer with his gun pointed at Rose, instructing him to get out of the truck. Rose got back in his truck and resumed driving, which prompted the officers to chase him again.

In footage from the Ohio Highway Patrol, the driver stops again, and another officer can be heard approaching Rose and telling him to “come to me.” Another officer warns Rose to get on the ground or he will get bitten by the police dog. 
A state trooper can be heard saying not to release the dog when Rose already has his hands up but it appears that directive was either unheard or disregarded. According to the case report:

“Circleville Police Department arrived on scene and stopped in the southbound lanes of US-23 adjacent to the suspect…Circleville K9 Officer R. Speakman exited his patrol car and began giving commands to the suspect. Circleville K9 Officer R. Speakman deployed his K9 on the suspect.”
The same trooper who said not to release the dog can be heard telling the officers to get the dog off of Rose. The dog ran toward officers before pivoting back toward Rose, jumping on his arm and pulling him to the ground. Rose can be heard yelling and pleading with the officers to get the dog off of him. 

“The Circleville Police department deserves admonishment for this type of behavior. Quite frankly, the Columbus NAACP is ashamed of the officer’s behavior. It is our hope that a thorough investigation is conducted and that Justice is served up to and including disciplinary action/termination of the involved officer.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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