NewsBlack Investment Expert Launches Two Innovative Financial Literacy Courses Infused with Animation

Black Investment Expert Launches Two Innovative Financial Literacy Courses Infused with Animation

Nationwide — Shownna Bryant, the Founder and CEO of Instructional Graphics, is pleased to announce the launch of two innovative financial literacy courses featuring cutting-edge graphic animation. The “Financial Bootcamp” delves into banking, credit scores, retirement planning, college savings, insurance, and more. On the other hand, “Teach Me Like a Tot” is an investment course that educates users on various financial markets, trade analysis, risk management, trading styles, and more! With a commitment to promoting financial literacy, the creator, a visionary Black woman, aims to empower underserved communities with the knowledge needed for sound financial decision-making.

Instructional Graphics endeavors to distinguish its e-course by incorporating imaginative animations, relatable examples, and interactive elements such as games and humorous feedback. The aim is to render intricate financial subjects more accessible and enjoyable for learners. Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate a genuine enthusiasm for financial literacy, with the overarching mission of reducing the wealth gap and increasing Black participation in the financial markets.

Bryant’s journey has highlighted the critical importance of financial literacy, particularly within the Black community. She empathizes with the challenges people face in understanding the complexities of finance. Motivated by these insights, she embarked on creating educational content in an accessible format. Opting for animation, she believes this approach makes learning more engaging, aiding faster comprehension and better information retention.

The courses aim to educate youths and adults on financial fundamentals and investing in various financial markets, such as stocks, FOREX, options, commodities, and digital assets. The content will be continually updated and expanded to include information on emerging products.

To further support the mission of financial education, Instructional Graphics is excited to announce the expansion of its YouTube channel. Although still in its infancy stage, the channel features free, accessible content covering various financial topics, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to making financial literacy resources available to everyone.

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About the Founder
Shownna Bryant’s career trajectory has been nothing short of impressive, moving up the corporate ladder from her initial role as a TIAA-CREF Investment Accounting Associate. She transitioned to Credit Suisse First Boston as an Account Coordinator before advancing to Assistant Vice President of International Sales at Merrill Lynch. She now stands as a prominent figure in one of the top ETF companies. With her extensive experience, she is a trusted investment expert, capable of easily navigating the complex world of finance. Bryant is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with others, offering valuable insights into various financial markets, risk management strategies, and more!

She is also an accredited professional with a wealth of expertise and credibility regarding financial education. Her qualifications further highlight her commitment to delivering high-quality financial education through Instructional Graphics.

Bryant currently holds the position of Associate Director at one of the top 10 ETF companies. Her professional journey includes a notable tenure as Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch, where she received the prestigious “Achievement of Distinction” (AD) award, the highest recognition bestowed by the renowned investment firm. Bryant, a native of New York City, is also a licensed broker-dealer (Series 63) and NASD registered representative (Series 7), a Commodity Trading Advisor (Series 3), and has successfully completed the FOREX Retail exam (Series 34). Prior to her current role, she held various positions at TIAA-CREF and Credit Suisse First Boston, showcasing her diverse and extensive expertise in the financial sector.

She has played a significant role in onboarding college interns through her program, which validates the courses’ efficacy. She has also been actively involved in past training programs at New York high schools, where she assisted in equipping young people with the essential knowledge and skills needed for financial and career success. This program aims to expose youths to learning and experiences that will inspire them to become the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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