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Black Hollywood Talent Agent Creates Film Distribution and Streaming Platform For Indie Filmmakers of Color

Nationwide — Meet Tiauna Jackson, a renowned Hollywood talent agent, who is the mastermind behind Jacksmacked, a highly anticipated Black-owned film distribution and streaming platform that offers a groundbreaking opportunity for indie filmmakers worldwide, with a specific emphasis on empowering international filmmakers of color. The platform is designed to address the pressing need for diverse and underrepresented stories, aiming to revolutionize the industry and provide a platform for filmmakers who have historically faced challenges in the mainstream.

Jacksmacked is a pivotal initiative of Tiauna’s company, The Jackson Agency, a visionary talent agency committed to championing the underrepresented, underestimated, and the underserved. Recognizing the immense talent and untapped potential of indie filmmakers, particularly international filmmakers of color, across the globe, Tiauna conceptualized Jacksmacked as a dedicated platform to showcase their exceptional work and connect them with audiences yearning for fresh, inclusive content.

Jacksmacked’s imminent launch signifies a pivotal moment in the industry, as it sets out to reshape the narrative and empower filmmakers of color on a global scale. By creating an inclusive platform that amplifies diverse voices and stories, Jacksmacked aims to enrich the film landscape and cater to the growing demand for authentic storytelling that represents the world’s diversity.

With a comprehensive catalog of independent films and series, including compelling works from Latin and African filmmakers, Jacksmacked promises to bridge the gap between international indie filmmakers of color and larger audiences. The platform’s curated content selection ensures that these unique perspectives and narratives receive the recognition and exposure they deserve.

Leading the charge, Jacksmacked has secured significant distribution partnerships with prominent industry players, including Tubi, FireTV, TCL, and For Us By Us Network. These strategic collaborations are poised to maximize the platform’s reach, enabling indie filmmakers, particularly international filmmakers of color, to gain unparalleled exposure and generate substantial revenue. With the exponential growth of streaming platforms and the evolving media landscape, the potential for financial success in the digital realm has never been more promising.

“We firmly believe that every filmmaker’s story deserves to be heard, and every creator, especially those from historically marginalized communities, deserves an equal opportunity to share their vision with the world,” said Tiauna. “Through our groundbreaking platform, we aim to empower international indie filmmakers of

color, providing them with a global stage to captivate new audiences, gain recognition, and make a lasting impact with their films.”

As the launch date draws near, the anticipation for Jacksmacked continues to mount. The platform’s arrival represents a paradigm shift in the industry, offering a dedicated space for indie filmmakers, particularly international filmmakers of color, to showcase their talent, connect with audiences, and disrupt the status quo. The platform stands poised to democratize the film landscape, break down barriers, and amplify voices that have been underrepresented for far too long.

Filmmakers interested in submitting their films and series can send their inquiries to

For more information about the platform and its mission to empower indie filmmakers globally, with a focus on international filmmakers of color, please visit

For press inquiries, contact Nikki Greene at or (818) 538-5305



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