NewsBlack Girls And Women Suicide Rates Have Doubled, Report Says

Black Girls And Women Suicide Rates Have Doubled, Report Says

New research highlights a concerning rise in suicides among young Black females in the U.S., especially in their mid-twenties. This underscores the critical need for tailored support during this crucial period. @epi_kerrykeyes @CUEpidemiology— ColumbiaPublicHealth (@ColumbiaMSPH) December 7, 2023

In a university news release, first author Victoria Joseph, MPH, an analyst at Columbia’s Department of Epidemiology, said, “High rates among those aged 25–27 years suggest that this age may be a developmental period for Black women with particular need of additional support.” From domestic and neighborhood violence to poverty and lack of funding into federal and state support systems, Joseph explained that these “are overrepresented risk factors among Black girls and women in some areas.” 

“These findings are in line with evidence that suicidal behaviors are increasing among minoritized youth. While the reasons why remain under investigation, it could be that cyberbullying and online racial attacks toward Black female youth may be on the rise in particular, and therefore interventions targeting certain stressors are particularly critical for young Black women,” senior study author Katherine Keyes, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia, added in the release.

Additionally, Black women are still facing long-standing racial disparities and perceived interpersonal racism, which can have detrimental mental health consequences. While factors may vary, suicide prevention and deeper research are crucial. 

Organizations such as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and The Jed Foundation’s ongoing campaign, Seize the Awkward, seek to encourage young adults to talk with one another about their mental health and well-being.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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