NewsBlack Firm Aims To Add $1 Billion In Managed Assets

Black Firm Aims To Add $1 Billion In Managed Assets

Channing Capital Management has regularly made the BLACK ENTERPRISE Asset Managers list.

Now, the firm is positioning itself for sustained growth. It expects revenue growth this year will come from a continued emphasis on its research-intensive intrinsic value investing strategies led by small-cap investing and expanding its subsidiaries, Channing Global Advisors and Channing Alternatives LLC.  

BLACK ENTERPRISE connected with Herenton and Mackey via email to discuss their firm’s growth prospects. 
“We are energized as we look at the next twenty years of growth,” Herenton says. “From the day we launched, we were determined to build a firm focused on delivering exceptional value to our clients through a strategy grounded in intrinsic value investing.”

Mackey agreed, adding that approach has helped the firm navigate market fluctuations and yield success for its clients. As co-founders and co-CEOs, Herenton and Mackey complement each other. Herenton, a Memphis native, and Mackey, with Chicago roots, are utilizing their talents to excel in one of the nation’s most competitive and volatile industries.
Generally, intrinsic value has been described as what a company is worth based on its fundamental business and other metrics.  Legendary investor Warren Buffett supposedly is among those who uses the investment method. 

At Channing, Herenton oversees business development and business strategy. Mackey is the firm’s chief investment officer and lead portfolio manager of its flagship small-cap strategy.

It was shared that the inaugural strategic ally, Preserver Partners LLC, underscores Channing’s unwavering dedication to exploring distinctive investment opportunities grounded in solid research.
Channing reports Preserver Partners is among the industry’s rare African-American woman-owned hedge funds. “Preserver, through its collaboration with Channing, is strategically positioned to further amplify its growth in alternative investment strategies to meet burgeoning market demand,” Mackey says.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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