NewsBlack Female Employee at Costco Says Manager Body-Shamed Her Over Work Attire

Black Female Employee at Costco Says Manager Body-Shamed Her Over Work Attire

Nationwide — Isha Mason, an African American woman who works at a Costco store in New Jersey, recently shared her experience at the workplace, saying she was called into the office and body-shamed by her manager regarding her work attire.

The video, which currently has over 1.6 million views, shows Mason in front of a full-length mirror wearing her attire for work — a Costco tee and pants. However, she said she was told her body shape was not suitable for the clothing she wore.

“I was called into the office and told that ALTHOUGH I have on the right attire, I have the wrong body shape to wear it. I AM IN DRESS CODE … but because the men keep looking at me, I have to come to work in bigger clothes … that’s #bodyshaming, #harrasment , and it’s just plain wrong!! #Costco needs to focus on much more important things than my body shape I am #embarrassed. This is #embarrassing,” Mason wrote on her TikTok page.

Isha expressed her frustration and embarrassment in the video, stating that she felt targeted and humiliated by the incident. She emphasized that she was simply following the company’s guidelines and that body shaming should not be tolerated in the workplace.

“How is this my fault?” she said in the video.

The incident has sparked a debate on TikTok, with many users expressing support for Isha and sharing similar experiences in the comments.

“You look fantastic, unless the dress code specifically says khakis or dress slacks then what you are wearing is fine. I’d say jealous is the issue,” one person said.

“That happened to me at a job once too and I wish I would’ve fought back. I was too embarrassed to realize it was low-key discrimination,” another person said.



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