NewsBlack Doctor, Owner Of Period Panty Brand, Launches Empowering Puberty Course For...

Black Doctor, Owner Of Period Panty Brand, Launches Empowering Puberty Course For Girls


Dr. Amber Robins launches My Period University Puberty Course.

*Originally Reported by Blacknews 

Nationwide — Dr. Amber Robins, Founder and CEO of Sanxtuary MD, a Black-owned period panty brand that offers women maximum protection from leakage during their periods, has now also launched a course for parents and guardians looking to equip their daughters adequately for puberty. It’s called the My Period University Puberty Course.
Puberty is one of the most life-changing events in a girl’s life. These changes can be overwhelming, but knowing what to expect will make the journey easier. Unfortunately, many parents feel out of their depth to talk to their daughters about the natural changes that come with this stage of life.

My Period University Puberty Course is a comprehensive course designed to empower girls with a deep understanding of puberty’s physical, emotional and mental changes while equipping them to undertake the transition confidently. Far from the average puberty course, this interactive course consists of fun activities and easy-to-understand content taught by expert instructors. Girls will learn to deal with heavy periods, menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms and other puberty changes. The course also offers an inclusive community, allowing participants to connect with their peers and express their thoughts on the topic throughout the course.
One of the most exciting aspects of the My Period University Puberty Course is that it includes Sanxtuary’s My First Period Kit to help participants complete the preparation process for menstruation. The kit consists of a slip and leak-resistant period panty, a meditation book, a Sanxtuary MD Binder, Career Queens (featuring women in science, tech, engineering, arts, and math) and two free bracelets.

Family Physician and Founder of Sanxtuary MD is the creator of My Period University Puberty Course. Sanxtuary MD is a period panty brand dedicated to offering women maximum protection from leakage during their periods and ending period poverty. Consequently, the company has committed to donating one period panty for each one sold to girls who cannot afford this necessity during menstruation.
As a family physician, Dr. Robins has seen first-hand the impact of inadequate preparation for puberty. When asked about her motivation for creating the course, she explained: “Puberty is a natural part of growing up, but sadly, it’s often shrouded in secrecy and shame, especially concerning menstruation. I created this course to provide girls with factual information and help them celebrate instead of dreading the changes their bodies undergo.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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