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Billy Greer, FAMU alum, shares why he chose to attend the illustrious HBCU

Billy Greer is a FAMU alum who graduated from the HBCU in 1986. He was present at the Celebration Bowl to watch FAMU and Howard University face off in the Celebration Bowl and spoke with rolling out about his experience at FAMU and why people should attend an HBCU.
Why did you choose FAMU? I chose FAMU because of the business school and my scholarship to play basketball.
How was the HBCU experience for you?It was wonderful. It was the best decision that I ever made because I was around brilliant, Black people, and it was always a sense of family, which I love.
Why should people attend HBCUs?
The experience is very different than going to a PWI because there’s a feeling of family. After you graduate, the homecomings are very different, so I’ve been to multiple homecomings every time I go back. It is so much fun, and it feels like everybody who’s graduated from FAMU is part of my family.
What is one positive thing you’ve seen from FAMU over the years?
I’ve seen that FAMU is starting to recruit and bring in people from more parts of the country than previously. It’s a public school so there’s a bias toward Florida folks, but I think the school has done a good job in recruiting people from all across the nation. I grew up in Chicago with the fam and I had a lot of friends who came from other places, so I think that is the best way to make sure you keep the university vibrant is to bring in kids from other states.
Source: Rolling Out


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