NewsAyesha Curry And Sydel Curry-Lee Uncork New Wine Products

Ayesha Curry And Sydel Curry-Lee Uncork New Wine Products

The brand, and the products created in collaboration with The Prisoner Wine Company, are a nod to the strong women in their lives.

Sisters-in-law and business partners Ayesha Curry and Sydel Curry-Lee have released new products for their Domaine Curry wine brand.

Curry is the wife of NBA great Stephen Curry, and Curry-Lee is his sister.

The Napa Valley brand’s recent products that were dropped on Nov. 1 and include a reimagined Cabernet Sauvignon and a newly introduced Founders Blend, according to Wine Industry Advisor.

The new Domain Curry products are the result of a collaboration between Curry, Curry-Lee and Chrissy Wittmann, head winemaker at The Prisoner Wine Company.

The Prisoner Wine company’s General Manager Bukky Ekundayo said, “The Prisoner Wine Company and Domaine Curry are driven by the shared values of inclusivity, authenticity, and innovation. We’re aiming to define and lead the wine category for Black and multicultural women, and we’re committed to combating barriers to make the space more approachable for women working in and enjoying fine wines,” Wine Industry Advisor reported.

Curry-Lee said of the collaboration with The Prisoner Wine Company, “Our partnership with The Prisoner Wine Company has allowed us to infuse our personal touches into the look and taste of these new wines, and we’re thrilled that more women will have the opportunity to enjoy them, just as our family does.”

The brand pays homage to Curry and Curry-Lee’s heritage. More specifically, Domaine Curry is a dedication to the “strong women who have shaped the Curry family’s heritage,” from their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and daughters to future generations of women, Blavity noted.

Curry said about the Domaine Curry brand, “Throughout our lives, wine has always been a way to bring our friends and family together. We are fortunate to be surrounded by so many impressive women who inspire us each day, and we hope Domaine Curry will serve as homage to them while also empowering future generations.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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