NewsAtlanta Thieves Strike Again: Amazon Truck Robbed

Atlanta Thieves Strike Again: Amazon Truck Robbed

six thieves targeted an Amazon delivery truck on Nov. 13, seizing packages while the helpless driver looked on. The robbery unfolded in an Atlanta, Georgia

As reported by Daily Mail, six thieves targeted an Amazon delivery truck on Nov. 13, seizing packages while the driver looked on.

The incident took place in an Atlanta apartment complex. The perpetrators, who appeared to be young boys, took advantage of a momentarily open door on the delivery van, frantically grabbing packages.

Despite the Amazon driver standing on a nearby sidewalk and appearing frustrated, she did not intervene. The specific contents of the stolen packages remain unclear.

The footage from the video, posted X (formerly known as Twitter) started with the parked Amazon truck in the complex’s parking lot. Three thieves swiftly hopped out through the front steps near the driver’s seat. The person recording the incident commented, “These n***** hittin’ the truck on gang,” while the thieves seized packages. Even with one of the thieves stumbling, they continued undeterred.

The Amazon employee, wearing a blue vest and beanie, stared at the looters and tried (unsuccessfully) to communicate with the thieves.

They could probably join a track & field team, of course that would be beneficial to them – why would they do something positive?— SAM H (@goodsam77) November 14, 2023

The video, sparking a flurry of comments, drew varied reactions from viewers. While some criticized the thieves, others speculated on potential repercussions for the Amazon driver. A concerned commenter stated, ‘Say goodbye to getting deliveries in that area going forward!’

👉 Yet, some people believe a “system” is keeping them down 👉 When you steal, you are actually stealing from your future… 🕊️📉— Native_ATL (@Jim_Williamson) November 13, 2023

Amazon drivers, operating as independent subcontractors, face intense pressure to meet delivery rates and complete routes within designated timeframes. A situation like this certainly doesn’t help matters.

Consequences for the driver remain uncertain. reached out to Amazon for comment, but did not receive a response.

This incident follows a recent case where an Amazon driver used profanity toward a 9-year-old who answered the door. The father reported the incident to Amazon, leading to an ongoing investigation and direct communication with the customer.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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