NewsAtlanta Considers Extending Bar Hours To Boost Revenue

Atlanta Considers Extending Bar Hours To Boost Revenue

City Councilman Michael Bonds says that there are many things to consider with the  proposed Atlanta Hospitality Act.

“This has several potential impacts on our city. There is a potential source to raising revenue, “Bonds told Fox 5 Atlanta. 

Bond said the extra revenue could also be used to pay for public safety initiatives like Atlanta Police Department’s take-home car program. 

The proposal also has plans for placing surveillance cameras in high-crime areas.

Shelly Brown, a bartender in the Virginia-Highland area, says that she has concerns about extending bar hours.

“I think 2 a.m. is the perfect time for bars to close…everyone is pretty intoxicated at that time,” she told Fox 5 News.  

“Crime might go up honestly, she continued. “People are just not in the right mind, people are going to drunk drive.”  

A spokesperson from Atlanta Police department declined to comment on whether they believe this could have any impact on public safety

The Atlanta Hospitality Act will be introduced at the city council’s public safety committee meeting on Nov. 13.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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