NewsAre You A ‘Real Man’ If Your Woman Pays Half?

Are You A ‘Real Man’ If Your Woman Pays Half?

The discourse reminds us that concepts of masculinity are as complex and varied as the individuals who embody it and those who judge it.

Recently in a controversial TikTok video posted Oct. 28, inside of a living room, two Black men engage in a candid conversation about finances, family and what it means to be a real man in today’s world. Their divergent approaches to handling finances and household responsibilities paint a portrait of masculinity as diverse as the community they call home.

On the other side sits a more “traditional man,” a prosperous entrepreneur who has worked hard to accumulate wealth over the years. He passionately discusses the reason he defines masculinity by being head of his household:

“Brother I applaud you, but I understand it is hard out here. But we are men, so we have to go harder, I’m not saying or trying to speak down to you my brother, by any means necessary Im not, but I want you to be reminded of something our fathers didn’t teach us, that we must go hard, and that we shouldn’t get into a relationship with a woman until we have direction.”

Their different approaches to family life highlight the multifaceted nature of modern masculinity.

The entrepreneur represents the primary breadwinner, while the former stands on a partnership and support in the face of economic challenges.

The conversation between these two Black men encapsulates the diversity of what it means to be a man in today’s world—but also sparked a “heated debate” among social media users:

Game continued: “A woman has duties in the home that are not easy at all, that I consider equal to the work that is required to financially secure that home.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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