NewsAntoine Dodson Of 'Hide Your Kids' Fame Says He Wasn't Paid

Antoine Dodson Of ‘Hide Your Kids’ Fame Says He Wasn’t Paid

Former viral sensation Antoine Dodson claims he did not receive compensation when he appeared in the Tyler Perry film Madea’s Christmas.

Dodson said he’d traveled to Atlanta from Alabama and spent a day on set. The social media star then showed a copy of what appeared to be a script. Dodson admitted that he didn’t ask for compensation because he took the advice of people who thought his cameo would lead to other opportunities. 

“Everybody kept saying,’ Oh, this is the great Tyler Perry…..Your career is going to boom. You’re going to work. You’re going to do so well in life.’ Well, that didn’t happen, and I didn’t get paid, so now what?”

Dodson posted a video on TikTok in support of Mo’Nique, who, during her appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast, spoke about her ongoing feud with the entertainment mogul. According to Mo’Nique, Perry said she was “difficult” to work with, which caused her to miss out on millions in potential earnings.

“When you’re into it with a gatekeeper who has control whether you work or not, there is no being quiet; you have to take a stance,” Dodson said in the TikTok video.

@antoinedodson34 The truth is coming out #monique #antoinedodson ♬ original sound – Antoine Dodson

While some social media users thought Perry should cut Dodson a check, most were unconvinced.

Television producer Chanel Hudson-O’Connor, who goes by Theiconchanel on Instagram, commented in support of Perry.

“Saying other people told you that you were going to blow up after working with Tyler Perry is the reason you didn’t blow up!! He was a conduit for you to take that moment and brand it outside of the cameo he gave you! You didn’t have a scene, you didn’t have lines that were written for a character that he developed,” she wrote.

Hudson-O’Connor went on to say that Dodson should not have been paid, and the screen credit he received was enough.

“That isn’t a good definition of injustice amongst the acting community,” she said. 

Perry has not responded to Dodson’s claims.

Source: Black Enterprise


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