NewsAlmalgation Dance Festival Helps Jamaica Tourism Soar, Leads Cultural Resurgence In Kingston

Almalgation Dance Festival Helps Jamaica Tourism Soar, Leads Cultural Resurgence In Kingston

Jamaica is focusing tourism efforts on more than the resorts and beaches tourists have grown to love. Stakeholders are investing in projects to fuel continued growth in the industry while highlighting the cultural landscape, artistic heritage, and its significant entertainment contributions worldwide. 
Kingston, with its plethora of attractions such as golfing, beautiful beaches, vibrant art galleries, museums, lively markets, and the vibrant personalities of its people, offers an array of compelling reasons to visit.

Amalgamation, the international dance festival in Kingston, took place in July and showcased Jamaica’s rich arts, culture, and entertainment while impacting the local dance community. All proceeds generated from the event will provide scholarships for Jamaican dancers.
Amalgamation: The Global Explosion of Dance
Founded by PIlé for the Arts, this year’s Amalgamation Gala, “The Global Explosion of Dance,” featured American ballerina Michaela De Prince, currently dancing with the Boston Ballet. 

Plié‘s founder, executive producer, and artistic director Marisa Benain continues to attract international attention with her production. “We never lower the bar to what’s possible,” says Benain. “We have the privilege of hosting world-class performers, and it’s only fitting that we provide them with a world-class venue!”
Janet Rolle, a distinguished leader in the entertainment industry, was named Patron for the event. Having served as the CEO of Beyoncé’s Parkway Entertainment, vice president and chief marketing officer for CNN worldwide, and the first vice president of BET and AOL, Rolle was also the first African American CEO of American Ballet Theatre. 

“As the daughter of a Jamaican mother, I am honored to contribute to the local dance scene,” says Rolle. “Jamaicans here and in the diaspora have played a major role in changing the landscape of the arts and culture, with outsized impact relative to the island’s size and access to resources.”
American ballerina, currently dancing with the Boston Ballet, and author Michaela DePrince. (Photo: Matthew Hann)

The New Kingston 
For visitors seeking a deeper and more enriching cultural experience beyond the beach, the Jamaican capital offers a captivating option. With its redeveloped waterfront, the city has undergone a vibrant transformation, drawing in a wave of new hotels and businesses that add to its allure. Embracing the local culture and immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the capital, leads an unforgettable journey through the heart of Jamaica’s heritage and traditions.

A visit to the Bob Marley Museum takes visitors through the life of the reggae superstar, from his humble beginnings to his untimely passing, through a vast collection of music memorabilia, photographs, news articles, and award-winning records. This captivating exhibition weaves a narrative celebrates the arist’s legacy and impact.
Standing as one of Jamaica’s most renowned historic landmarks, The Devon House represents the architectural vision of George Stiebel, the island’s first Black millionaire. This structure is a testament to his legacy and impact on Jamaican history and culture and offers visitors the chance to tour, shop, dine, and unwind.
One Love

“Stakeholders are working together to build a tourism industry that is equitable, viable, and which generates opportunities for all,” says Minister of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett.
Amalgamation, drawing in hundreds of tourists from around the world, has emerged as a prominent centerpiece, driving tourism and fascination into Kingston, Jamaica. He noted that “tourism will be the biggest driver of economic growth and prosperity in Jamaica for years to come.”
Though renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, Jamaica boasts a vibrant culture consisting of music, art, cuisine, and lively festivals. Jamaica has something for everyone. 

Source: Black Enterprise


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