NewsAl Sharpton Hosts 10th DEI Protest Outside Bill Ackman's Office

Al Sharpton Hosts 10th DEI Protest Outside Bill Ackman’s Office

The reverend is actively pursuing justice!

Rev. Al Sharpton is setting the stage for protests outside the offices of billionaire hedge fund founder Bill Ackman in the fight against anti-diversity, equity and inclusion tactics. 

In a press release shared with Black Enterprise, Sharpton announces he will lead the tenth protest outside Ackman’s NYC offices on Mar. 14. Every Thursday following the resignation of Harvard’s first Black president, Claudine Gay, Sharpton and supporters have shown up to Ackman’s offices to be seen and heard about the growing pressures of canceling DEI measures. 

“This is why NAN has been rallying and will continue to rally outside the office of Bill Ackman each Thursday.” 

The billionaire investor made headlines following his criticism of how his alma mater handled antisemitic rhetoric on campus. He then turned his attention to DEI, calling it “the root cause of antisemitism,” Gay’s resignation. His sentiments matched those of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who criticized DEI efforts by United Airlines and Boeing to hire pilots and factory workers of color. He made false claims that diversifying workspaces will make air travel less safe.

In Utah, GOP governor Spencer Cox signed HB261 into law, requiring public schools to remove all references to diversity posted in offices and open programming to everyone. Similar to the University of Florida, which, on Mar. 4, eliminated DEI positions following a state rule banning the use of state funds for DEI or “political or social activism.” 

Still, Sharpton continues to stand tall as a leader through a continuous fight. “We will keep up the drumbeat for the defense of the DEI so long as their shameless attacks against diversity persist.”

Source: Black Enterprise

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