NewsAkon Still Believes In Akon City

Akon Still Believes In Akon City

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 30: Akon poses in the Winners Room at at the MOBO Awards 2022 at OVO Arena Wembley on November 30, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images)

Akon still believes in the prospects of African investment, as he laid out in an interview on the Revolt podcast, Assets Over Liabilities. According to Yahoo, Akon implored Black people to pool resources in Africa: “I mean, you name it. We’re leading in every single sector,” he said.

“Just imagine if we all just decided to just take all our bags, withdrew all our money, and go to Africa. Where would America be today? It would collapse overnight.”

“The whole idea is to create what the future of Africa should be,” Akon said.
“We have all the resources, we have the manpower, we definitely have the population. So it was just a matter of putting something in a country that can start and pretty much scale out to every other country — that we can copy and paste or at least the idea.”


“Africa is in a position where if African Americans take [a] position now, every single African American would be a millionaire without even thinking twice because there’s nothing that’s not needed over there,” Akon said.
“So, you guys come with the discipline, you guys come with the knowledge, you come with the resources.”


Source: Black Enterprise

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