NewsAkademiks Bashes Women As Usual Drake Responds On SZA’s Behalf

Akademiks Bashes Women As Usual Drake Responds On SZA’s Behalf

Drake isn’t known for speaking up in defense of anyone. But he apparently draws the line when it comes to his “close friend” Sza.

Internet vlogger DJ Akademiks is opening up about the private conversation he had with Drake after making some disparaging remarks about the singer Sza. While speaking with DJ Vlad, Akademiks revealed the chat he had with Drake after offending Sza over the summer with his comments on her body.

“When Drake called me [about SZA] I was like [what?]” Akademiks shared. “Drake was like, she’s a very close friend of his. It was a very friendly call. He was just kind of trying to see what I thought about it because he was like ‘Ak, I rock with you too.’

“They were doing the album at the time and he was like, ‘She’s affected by things like that.’”

It was during a Rumble stream in August when Akademiks body-shamed Sza and accused her of having cosmetic surgery. Posting a bikini photo of the “SOS” singer, Akademiks made negative remarks about the BBL procedure Sza herself has admitted to receiving.

“The ti**ies is not looking tiddying,” he said while examining a photo of Sza. “Right now, I can’t distinguish the ti**y from the stomach. You look like you just got a whole muthafuc*ing bulletproof vest on. Your whole sh*t is flat.”

He continued. “You know you’ve been under the knife mad times. We don’t care how much you show that little botched BBL; you need to get back to the doctor one more time, and I’ma stand on it!”

It’s not the first time Akademiks has been called out for his negative comments on women. Most recently, he got into an internet feud with rapper Santana after making negative remarks about the City Girls. Their internet beef grew when Saucy threatened to sexually assault Akademiks.

As a result, the vlogger shed tears when speaking on the issue as he was afraid he would be “canceled” for responding to the “Material Gworl” rapper. Queen Latifah even entered the chat when she reposted a message from Mysonne that called out Akademiks for his history of bashing women.

With Akademiks being such a huge Drake fan, maybe the Toronto rapper can convince the vlogger to go easy on female music stars.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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